The authentic urban look from our origin Berlin combined with the finest outdoor materials is the key to the unique design of FUSIONWEAR.


Our home Berlin is said to be the new destination for creatives around the world, like New York in the 70s or Paris in the 20s. A base for professionals of all kinds. These people’s lives are balanced with simultaneous work, travel and play. It is this lifestyle that inspired FUSIONWEAR.


Color is a huge part of our design process, our earthy but fresh shades are carefully chosen based on our frequent trend research. It is envisioned to sport a simple, modest and clean look in line with the casual style and functionality of outdoor products.


What seperates FUSIONWEAR from other similar products is our combination of fabrics. We use materials that provide the latest technologies among European suppliers, but have a casual and natural look. This unique mixture is the exciting nature of this collection.
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